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Bryophyte Herbarium

William C. Steere, Bryologist

W. C. Steere's 1949 Alaska Itinerary

Major Floristic Works on North American Bryophytes based on Steere Herbarium specimens

Herbaria with significant holdings of North American bryophytes

Representative List of Bryologists or Bryophyte Herbaria in the W. C. Steere Bryophyte Herbarium

(With an emphasis on those with significant North American holdings)


Bryologist or Herbarium
Approximate date range of collections Approximate Number of Collections Region
Allen, John  A.
mid 1800s
New England, Pacific Northwest, California
Austin, Coe. F.  (Herbarium of)
mid 1800s
New Jersey, New York Metropolitan area
Beals, Alfred. T.  (Herbarium of)
early to mid 1900s
northeastern North America
Best, George N.
early to mid 20th century
North America
Breen, Ruth Schornherst (Florida State Herbarium)
 mid 20th century
southeastern U.S., primarily Florida
Britton, Elizabeth G. 1890s-1930s   10,000
North America, West Indies
Buck, William R. 1970s -present  on-going eastern U.S., tropical America
Churchill, Steven 1985-1995  3000 Central United States, Colombia
Columbia University (Columbia College) 19th century  20,000 western hemisphere
DePauw University Herbarium mid 1900s
North America, West Indies, South America
Gier, L. J. mid 20th century
North America
Haring, Inez M. early-mid 1900s
New York, western U.S. (especially Arizona)
Howe, Marshall. A. 1890s-1930s
California, eastern North America
Jaeger, August 1800s  size unknown
McGregor, Ronald (University of Kansas). mid 1900s  2000 Central U.S., primarily Kansas
Mitten, William (Herbarium of) 1800s
Patterson, Paul. M. (Herbarium of)
mid 1900s

Princeton University Herbarium
late 19th and early 20th century
western hemisphere
Rau, Eugene A .  (Herbarium of)
late 1800s
ca 3000
rich in collections from early exploration of the continent
Stanford University Bryophyte Herbarium mid 20th century
mostly arctic North America
Steere, William. C. (some part of the Stanford University Herbarium 1958-1989
arctic North America, South America
Thiers, Barbara M. 1980-present
California, tropical America, Australia
Underwood, Lucien. M. (Herbarium of)
size unknown
U.S., West Indies, Mexico
Uggla, Wilhelm H.
late 19th -mid 20th century
size unknown
Welch, Winona (DePauw University Herbarium). mid 1900s  20,000 North America, primarily Indiana and adjacent states
Wellesley College Herbarium 20th century  4000 primarily North America
Williams, Robert. S. 1880s-1940s
Bolivia, Philippines, Panama, North America 
Wynne, Frances E. mid 20th century
North America 


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