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Gallery of Intern Webpages:
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     A Synopsis of the Family Cactaceae (by Aaron M. Socha)
     Conifers & Other Gymnosperms (by Chao Rong Wu)
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The William and Lynda Steere Herbarium is the centerpiece of the Garden's botanical research program. It is the fourth largest herbarium in the world, and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.

The Herbarium holds a collection of more than seven million preserved specimens filed according to a standardized system of classification. All plant groups--flowering plants, conifers, ferns, mosses, liverworts, and algae, as well as fungi and lichens --are represented in the Herbarium collection, which is particularly strong in New World specimens. This reflects the emphasis of the research projects conducted by the Garden researchers. See an overview of the Steere Herbarium and its donors.

The collections of the Herbarium are constantly being augmented through field research conducted by Garden staff, and through gifts, acquisitions, and exchanges of specimens from other herbaria.

Using the Herbarium

Researchers can access our collections digitally, visit the Herbarium in-person, or request specimens to be sent on loan.

Digital Access to Collections

We are in the process of cataloging and imaging our specimen holdings, which focus on the New World, on NYBG research, and on national and international projects where access to data from our collections will have a significant impact. Visit the Virtual Herbarium to learn more about our specimen cataloging projects and to search for specimens and images.

In-person Research

The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium is open to visitors, professional and non-professional, with scientific reasons to study the collections. Those wishing to study the collections need to make an appointment prior to their visit. For more information, see Herbarium Visitor Information.

Specimen Loans

Loans of specimens are made only to herbaria recognized in Index Herbariorum, and upon approval of a written request for the loan. For more information, see: Specimen Loans.

Virtual Herbarium

Access our online catalog of over 700,000 plant and fungi specimens.

See sample images See Sample

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