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A Short Description of the Collections of the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium (NY): Fungi

The Fungal Collections of George Washington Carver at NYBG

Mycology at the New York Botanical Garden

The fungus herbarium, the second largest in the Western Hemisphere, comprises approximately 500,000 specimens. The foundation for this collection was laid when the Garden purchased the herbarium of Job Bicknell Ellis, a pioneer in North American mycology, who built his collection of more than 100,000 specimens over the course of 40 years. He not only collected extensively but also received material from all parts of the country and from many parts of Europe. All groups of fungi are represented in the Ellis Herbarium, with the greatest emphasis placed on plant pathogens and micro-fungi in general. The collection includes the types of 4000 new specimens described by Ellis and collaborators.

Online Specimen Catalogs and Web Sites

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Macrofungi of Costa Rica

A revision of Collybia s.l. in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada

An Interactive Key to Leccinum and Phylloporus in Costa Rica

A Preliminary Survey of the Loculoascomycetes and Pyrenomycetes of Saül, French Guiana

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