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Laboratory research is a key component of the Garden's International Plant Science Center, one of the most accomplished, intensive, and distinguished botanical science programs in the world. Garden scientists conduct laboratory research using a variety of techniques and facilities. Specialized approaches to research on plants and fungi include systematic and developmental plant anatomy, phytochemistry (with an emphasis on finding plant compounds that have medicinal value), and the powerful new disciplines of molecular systematics and genomics.

Garden scientists, graduate students, and visiting scholars use the laboratory facilities for research and teaching. In addition, a volunteer-intern program trains students considering careers in research, and the facilities are used to identify botanical samples for governmental agencies in the New York area.

In May 2006, a new state-of-the-art facility, the Pfizer Plant Research Laboratory, opened at the Botanical Garden, tripling the Garden's research capabilities.

Collaborative Programs

Cullman Program for Molecular Systematics Studies

Plant Genomics Consortium

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Mycological Laboratory

Phytochemistry Laboratory

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DNA Sequence Alignments and Data Matrices

DNA Barcoding

Recent Publications

DNA Fingerprinting in Black Cohosh

Floral Development in Commelinaceae

Molecular Systematics of Orchids

Neurotoxins in Cycads

Systematics in the Age of Genomics

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