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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Tropaeolum argentinum Buchenau
     Tropaeolum boliviense Loes.
     Tropaeolum chilense Bertero
     Tropaeolum cochabambae Buchenau
     Tropaeolum concavum Killip
     Tropaeolum cuspidatum Buchenau
     Tropaeolum dawei Hughes
     Tropaeolum elzae Sparre
     Tropaeolum flavipilum Killip
     Tropaeolum hirsutum Sparre
     Tropaeolum hjertingii Sparre
     Tropaeolum huigrense Killip
     Tropaeolum kuntzeanum Buchenau
     Tropaeolum leptophyllum Don
     Tropaeolum macrophyllum Killip
     Tropaeolum maculatum Rusby
     Tropaeolum magnificum Sparre
     Tropaeolum majus L.
     Tropaeolum matthewsii Hughes
     Tropaeolum orinocense P. E. Berry
     Tropaeolum orthoceras Gardner
     Tropaeolum pentaphyllum Lam.
     Tropaeolum pentaphyllum Lam. var. megapetalum Buchenau
     Tropaeolum rectangulum Buchenau
     Tropaeolum septangulum Killip
     Tropaeolum steyermarkianum Sparre
     Tropaeolum wagnerianum Klotzsch

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