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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Ascomyces letifera Peck
     Taphrina acericola A. Massal.
     Taphrina acerina A. G. Eliasson
     Taphrina acerina A. Massal.
     Taphrina aceris Mix
     Taphrina aesculi (F. Patt.) Giesenh.
     Taphrina alni (Berk. & Broome) Gjaerum
     Taphrina alni-incanae (Kuhn) Magnus
     Taphrina alni-incanae Kuhn
     Taphrina amentorum (Sadeb.) Rostr.
     Taphrina americana Mix
     Taphrina amplians Mix
     Taphrina andina M. E. Palm
     Taphrina athyrii Siemaszko
     Taphrina aurea Pers.
     Taphrina australis (Atk.) Giesenh.
     Taphrina bacteriosperma Johanson
     Taphrina betulae (Fuckel) Johanson
     Taphrina betulae var. auctumnalis Sadeb.
     Taphrina betulicola Nishida
     Taphrina betulina Rostr.
     Taphrina blechni Bres. ex Mix
     Taphrina boycei Mix
     Taphrina bullata (Berk.) Tul.
     Taphrina caerulencens (Desm.) Tul.
     Taphrina caerulescens (Dearn.) Tul.
     Taphrina caerulescens (Desm. & Mont.) Tul.
     Taphrina caerulescens (Desm.) Tul.
     Taphrina californica Mix
     Taphrina carnea Johanson
     Taphrina carpini (Rostr.) Johanson
     Taphrina carveri Jenkins
     Taphrina castanopsidis Jenkins
     Taphrina celtis Sadeb.
     Taphrina cerasi (Fuckel) Sadeb.
     Taphrina cerasi Fuckel
     Taphrina communis (Sadeb.) Giesenh.
     Taphrina confusa (G. F. Atk.) Giesenh.
     Taphrina coryli Nishida
     Taphrina crataegi Sadeb.
     Taphrina cystopteridis Mix
     Taphrina darkeri Mix
     Taphrina dearnesii Jenkins
     Taphrina dearnessii Jenkins
     Taphrina deformans (Berk.) Tul.
     Taphrina ecuadorensis Syd.
     Taphrina entomospora Thaxt.
     Taphrina epiphylla (Sadeb.) Sacc.
     Taphrina farlowii Sadeb.
     Taphrina faulliana Mix
     Taphrina filicina Rostr.
     Taphrina flava Farl.
     Taphrina flavorubra W. W. Ray
     Taphrina flectans Mix
     Taphrina fusca Giesenh.
     Taphrina higginsii Mix
     Taphrina hiratsukae Nishida
     Taphrina japonica Kusano
     Taphrina jenkinsoniana Mix
     Taphrina johansonii Sadeb.
     Taphrina kruchii (Vuill.) Sacc.
     Taphrina kusanoi Ikeno
     Taphrina lapponica Juel
     Taphrina letifera (Peck) Sacc.
     Taphrina lutescens Rostr.
     Taphrina maculans E. E. Butler
     Taphrina mume Siebold & Zucc.
     Taphrina nana Johanson
     Taphrina nikkoensis Kusano
     Taphrina occidentalis W. W. Ray
     Taphrina osmundae Nishida
     Taphrina padi Mix
     Taphrina piri Kusano
     Taphrina polyspora (Sorokin) Johanson
     Taphrina polystichi Mix
     Taphrina populi-salicis Mix
     Taphrina populina Fr.
     Taphrina pruni Tul.
     Taphrina pruni-subcordatae Zeller
     Taphrina pteridis Viegas
     Taphrina purpurascens B. L. Rob.
     Taphrina rhomboidalis Syd., P. Syd. & E. J. Butler
     Taphrina robinsoniana Giesenh.
     Taphrina sacchari Jenkins
     Taphrina sadebeckii Johanson
     Taphrina sebastianae (Sadeb.) Jacz.
     Taphrina splendans M. E. Palm
     Taphrina thaxterii Mix
     Taphrina thomasii Mix
     Taphrina tormentillae Rostr.
     Taphrina tosquinetti (Westend.) Magnus
     Taphrina truncicola Kusano
     Taphrina tubiformis Lagerh. ex Thirum.
     Taphrina ulmi (Fuckel) Johanson
     Taphrina vestergrenii Giesenh.
     Taphrina virginica Sadeb.
     Taphrina wettsteiniana Herzfeld
     Taphrina whetzelii Mix
     Taphrina wiesneri (Rathay) Mix
     Taphrina wjetzelii Mix

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