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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Barclaya longifolia Wall.
     Castalia gibertii Morong
     Castalia leibergii Morong
     Castalia odorata var. latifolia R. M. Harper
     Nuphar advena (Aiton) W. T. Aiton 'Round'
     Nuphar advena Aiton
     Nuphar interfluitans Fernald
     Nuphar luteum (L.) Sibth. & Sm. subsp. macrophyllum (Small) Beal
     Nuphar luteum (L.) Sm.
     Nuphar polysepalum Engelm.
     Nuphar rubrodisca (Morong) Hellq. & Wiersema
     Nuphar sagittifolium (Walter) Pursh 'Cape Fear'
     Nuphar variegata Durand
     Nymphaea amazonum Mart. & Zucc. subsp. amazonum
     Nymphaea ampla (Salisb.) DC.
     Nymphaea ampla (Salisb.) DC. var. speciosa (Mart. & Zucc.) Casp.
     Nymphaea ampla Salisb.
     Nymphaea blanda G. Mey.
     Nymphaea bombycina G. S. Mill. & Standl.
     Nymphaea conardii Wiersema
     Nymphaea elegans Hook.
     Nymphaea fluviatilis R. M. Harper
     Nymphaea gibertii (Morong) Conard
     Nymphaea glandulifera Rodschied
     Nymphaea intermedia Weiker ex Rchb.
     Nymphaea jamesoniana G. Planch.
     Nymphaea lasiophylla Mart. & Zucc.
     Nymphaea leibergii Morong
     Nymphaea lingulata Wiersema
     Nymphaea lutea subsp. pumila Timm
     Nymphaea macrophylla Small
     Nymphaea novo-granatensis Wiersema
     Nymphaea odorata Aiton
     Nymphaea odorata var. stenopetala Fernald
     Nymphaea orbiculata Small
     Nymphaea pringlei Rose
     Nymphaea prolifera Wiersema
     Nymphaea pulchella DC.
     Nymphaea rubra Roxb. 'Emily Grant Hutching'
     Nymphaea rudgeana G. Mey.
     Nymphaea sagittifolia Walter
     Nymphaea tenerinervia Casp.
     Nymphaea ulvacea G. S. Mill. & Standl.
     Ondinea purpurea subsp. petaloidea Kenneally & E. Schneider
     Victoria amazonica J. C. Sowerby

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