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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Gyroporus biporus Murrill
     Gyroporus castaneus (Bull. : Fr.) Quél.
     Gyroporus cyanescens (Bull. : Fr.) Quél.
     Gyroporus earlei Murrill
     Gyroporus fumosiceps Murrill
     Gyroporus jamaicensis Murrill
     Gyroporus pisciodorus Murrill
     Gyroporus praeanisatus Murrill
     Gyroporus purpurinus (Snell) Singer
     Gyroporus rhoadsiae Murrill
     Gyroporus roseialbus Murrill
     Gyroporus stramineus Murrill
     Gyroporus subalbellus Murrill
     Suillus acerbus A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus acidus (Peck) Singer
     Suillus acidus var. subalutaceus A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus albidipes (Peck) Singer
     Suillus amabilis (Peck) Singer
     Suillus americanus (Peck) Snell
     Suillus americanus (Peck) Snell ex Slipp & Snell
     Suillus bellinii (Inzenga) Watling
     Suillus bovinus (L. : Fr.) Kuntze
     Suillus brevipes (Peck) Kuntze
     Suillus brunnescens A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus caerulescens A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus castanellus (Peck) A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus cavipes (Opat.) A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus cothurnatus Singer
     Suillus decipiens (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Kuntze
     Suillus elegans (Schumach.) Snell
     Suillus flavidus (Fr. : Fr.) C. Presl
     Suillus flavus (With. : Fr.) Singer
     Suillus floridanus (Singer) Singer
     Suillus fuscotomentosus Thiers & A. H. Sm.
     Suillus glandulosipes Thiers & A. H. Sm.
     Suillus glandulosus (Peck) Singer
     Suillus granulatus (L. : Fr.) Kuntze
     Suillus grevillei (Klotzsch : Fr.) Singer
     Suillus grisellus (Peck) A. Kretzer & T. D. Bruns
     Suillus hirtellus (Peck) Kuntze
     Suillus intermedius (A. H. Sm. & Thiers) A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus kaibabensis Thiers
     Suillus lakei (Murrill) A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus laricinus (Berk. ex Hook.) Kuntze
     Suillus laricinus var. bresadolae (Quél.) Bres.
     Suillus luteus (L. : Fr.) Gray
     Suillus monticola Thiers
     Suillus neoalbidipes M. E. Palm & E. L. Stewart
     Suillus occidentalis Thiers
     Suillus ochraceoroseus (Snell) Singer
     Suillus paluster (Peck) A. Kretzer & T. D. Bruns
     Suillus pictus (Peck) Kuntze
     Suillus placidus (Bonord.) Singer
     Suillus ponderosus A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus pseudobrevipes A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus punctatipes (Snell & E. A. Dick) Snell & E. A. Dick
     Suillus punctipes (Peck) Singer
     Suillus pungens Thiers & A. H. Sm.
     Suillus riparius Thiers
     Suillus salmonicolor (Frost) Halling
     Suillus serotinus (Frost) A. Kretzer & T. D. Bruns
     Suillus sibiricus (Singer) Singer
     Suillus spectabilis (Peck) Kuntze
     Suillus spraguei (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Kuntze
     Suillus subalutaceus (A. H. Sm. & Thiers) A. H. Sm. & Thiers
     Suillus subaureus (Peck) Snell
     Suillus tomentosus (Kauffman) Singer, Snell & E. A. Dick
     Suillus tridentinus (Bres.) Singer
     Suillus umbonatus E. A. Dick & Snell
     Suillus unicolor (Frost) Kuntze
     Suillus variegatus (Sw. : Fr.) Kuntze
     Suillus volcanalis Thiers

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