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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Cortinarius alboviolaceous (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius alboviolaceus (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius argentatus (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius armillatus (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius atkinsonianus Kauffman
     Cortinarius autumnalis Peck
     Cortinarius birchfieldii Murrill
     Cortinarius bolaris (Pers. : Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius bryorum Clem.
     Cortinarius bulliardii (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius calochrous (Pers. : Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius calyptratus A. H. Sm.
     Cortinarius camphoratus Fr.
     Cortinarius roseipallidus Murrill
     Cortinarius cinnamomeus Fr.
     Cortinarius coloratus Peck
     Cortinarius corrugatus Peck
     Cortinarius delibutus Fr.
     Cortinarius elegantioides Kauffman
     Cortinarius evernius Fr. : Fr.
     Cortinarius glaucopus
     Cortinarius globuliformis Bougher
     Cortinarius herpeticus
     Cortinarius hiemalis Murrill
     Cortinarius infractus (Pers. : Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius iodeoides Kauffman
     Cortinarius iodes Berk. & M. A. Curtis
     Cortinarius ioides Berk. & M. A. Curtis
     Cortinarius juberinus (Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius lacticeps Murrill
     Cortinarius lilacinus Peck
     Cortinarius longipes Peck
     Cortinarius mammosus Kauffman
     Cortinarius marylandensis Ammirati
     Cortinarius mexicanus Murrill
     Cortinarius michiganensis Kauffman
     Cortinarius morrisii Peck
     Cortinarius nudipes Earle
     Cortinarius olivaceostramineus Kauffman
     Cortinarius oreades Murrill
     Cortinarius paragaudis Fr.
     Cortinarius perbadius Clem.
     Cortinarius perferrugineus Murrill
     Cortinarius praefelleus Murrill
     Cortinarius praepallens Peck
     Cortinarius radians Earle
     Cortinarius roseipallidus Murrill
     Cortinarius rubipes Kauffman
     Cortinarius semisanguineus Fr.
     Cortinarius speciosus Earle
     Cortinarius sterilis Kauffman
     Cortinarius subglaucopus Murrill
     Cortinarius subglobispora Murrill
     Cortinarius subpulchrifolius Kauffman
     Cortinarius thiersii Ammirati & A. H. Sm.
     Cortinarius validipes Peck
     Cortinarius velatus Thiers & A. H. Sm.
     Cortinarius verrucisporus Thiers & A. H. Sm.
     Cortinarius violacearum
     Cortinarius violaceous (L. : Fr.) Fr.
     Cortinarius violaceus (Fr.) Gray
     Cortinarius virentophyllus Kauffman
     Cortinarius walkeri Cooke & Massee
     Cortinarius watsonii Murrill
     Crepidotus alabamensis Murrill
     Crepidotus albidus Ellis & Everh.
     Crepidotus aquosus Murrill
     Crepidotus betulae
     Crepidotus cinnabarinus Peck
     Crepidotus crocophyllus (Berk.) Sacc.
     Crepidotus eccentricus Murrill
     Crepidotus flammeus Murrill
     Crepidotus fraxinicola Murrill
     Crepidotus fumosifolius Murrill
     Crepidotus herbarum (Peck) Sacc.
     Crepidotus hygrophanus Murrill
     Crepidotus mollis (Schaeff. : Fr.) Staude
     Crepidotus nephrodes (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Sacc.
     Crepidotus subcuneiformis Murrill
     Crepidotus submollis Murrill
     Crepidotus substipitatus Murrill
     Crepidotus versutus (Peck) Sacc.
     Dermocybe californica (A. H. Sm.) Ammirati
     Dermocybe cinnabarina
     Dermocybe cinnabarina (A. H. Sm.) Ammirati
     Dermocybe cinnabarina (Fr.) Wünsche
     Dermocybe cinnamomea (L. : Fr.) M. M. Moser
     Dermocybe orange-gilled
     Dermocybe semisanguinea (Fr.) M. M. Moser
     Galera alba Peck
     Galera cubensis Earle
     Galera fragilis Peck
     Galera grisea Earle
     Galera inculta Peck
     Galera kellermani Peck
     Galera rufipes Peck
     Galera simulans Earle
     Galera versicolor Peck
     Galera viscosa Clem.
     Galerina autumnalis (Peck) A. H. Sm. & Singer
     Galerina tetraspora Singer ined.
     Galerula coniferarum Murrill
     Galerula distantifolia Murrill
     Galerula glabra Murrill
     Galerula hemisphaerica Murrill
     Galerula lignicola Murrill
     Galerula mexicana Murrill
     Galerula parvula Murrill
     Galerula reflexa Murrill
     Gymnopilus alabamensis Murrill
     Gymnopilus aromaticus Murrill
     Gymnopilus bryophilus Murrill
     Gymnopilus castaneus Murrill
     Gymnopilus chrysopellus (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Murrill
     Gymnopilus decoratus Murrill
     Gymnopilus depressus Murrill
     Gymnopilus earlei Murrill
     Gymnopilus fagicola Murrill
     Gymnopilus farinaceus Murrill
     Gymnopilus fibrillosipes Murrill
     Gymnopilus flavidellus Murrill
     Gymnopilus fulvosquamulosus
     Gymnopilus hillii Murrill
     Gymnopilus hispidellus Murrill
     Gymnopilus hypholomoides Murrill
     Gymnopilus jalapensis Murrill
     Gymnopilus laeticolor Murrill
     Gymnopilus latus Murrill
     Gymnopilus longisporus Murrill
     Gymnopilus ludovicianus Murrill
     Gymnopilus pallidus Murrill
     Gymnopilus parvulus Murrill
     Gymnopilus permollis Murrill
     Gymnopilus piceinus Murrill
     Gymnopilus spectabilis (Fr.) Singer
     Gymnopilus spinulifer Murrill
     Gymnopilus squamulosus Murrill
     Gymnopilus subcarbonarius Murrill
     Gymnopilus subflavidus
     Gymnopilus subtropicus Hesler
     Gymnopilus unicolor Murrill
     Gymnopilus validipes (Peck) Hesler
     Gymnopilus vialis Murrill
     Gymnopilus viscidissimus Murrill
     Hydrocybe alboumbonata Murrill
     Hydrocybe arenicola Murrill
     Hydrocybe aurantia Murrill
     Hydrocybe caespitosa Murrill
     Hydrocybe californica Murrill
     Hydrocybe constans Murrill
     Hydrocybe cremicolor Murrill
     Hydrocybe earlei Murrill
     Hydrocybe flavolutea Murrill
     Hydrocybe hondurensis Murrill
     Hydrocybe rosea Murrill
     Hydrocybe subcespitosa Murrill
     Hydrocybe subflavida Murrill
     Hydrocybe subminiata Murrill
     Hydrocybe troyana Murrill
     Inocybe abundans Murrill
     Inocybe acystidiosa Kauffman
     Inocybe adaequata (Britzelm.) Sacc.
     Inocybe albodisca Peck
     Inocybe asterospora Quél.
     Inocybe astoriana Murrill
     Inocybe australis Murrill ined.
     Inocybe brunnescens Earle
     Inocybe caesariata (Fr.) P. Karst.
     Inocybe calamistrata (Fr.) Gillet
     Inocybe calamistrata Kauffm.
     Inocybe californica Kauffman
     Inocybe calospora Quél.
     Inocybe cicatricata Ell. & Everh. [as 'cicatricatus']
     Inocybe concolor ined.
     Inocybe cuneatospora ined.
     Inocybe curreyi (Berk.) Sacc.
     Inocybe cylindrospora Murrill
     Inocybe destricta (Fr.) Quél.
     Inocybe fastigiata (Schaeff. : Fr.) Quél.
     Inocybe flocculosa (Berk.) Sacc.
     Inocybe fraudans (Britzelm.) Sacc.
     Inocybe geophylla (Fr. : Fr.) P. Kumm.
     Inocybe gigantispora Murrill
     Inocybe hirtella Bres.
     Inocybe hystrix (Fr.) P. Karst.
     Inocybe lacera Fr.
     Inocybe lanatodisca Kauffman
     Inocybe lorillardiana Murrill
     Inocybe repanda (Bull. : Fr.) Bres.
     Inocybe soraria Kauffman
     Inocybe sororia Kauffm.
     Inocybe subdecurrens Ellis & Everh.
     Inocybe subeutheloides Murrill
     Inocybe subnodulosa Murrill
     Inocybe subochracea (Peck) Peck
     Inocybe subradiata Murrill
     Inocybe taedophila Murrill
     Inocybe tomentosa Ellis & Everh.
     Phaeocollybia ambigua E. Horak & Halling
     Phaeocollybia caudata E. Horak & Halling
     Phaeocollybia kauffmanii (A. H. Sm.) Singer
     Phaeocollybia oligoporpa Singer
     Phaeocollybia pseudolugubris Bandala & E. Horak
     Phaeocollybia quercetorum Singer
     Phaeocollybia rufipes H. E. Bigelow
     Phaeocollybia singularis E. Horak & Halling
     Phaeomarasmius fuscomarginatus Singer
     Phaeosolenia densa (Berk.) W. B. Cooke
     Rozites caperata (Pers. : Fr.) P. Karst.
     Rozites colombiana Halling & Ovrebo
     Thaxterogaster pinguis (Zeller) Singer & A. H. Sm.
     Tubaria abramsii Murrill
     Tubaria alabamensis Murrill
     Tubaria deformata Peck
     Tubaria earlei Murrill
     Tubaria eucalypti Earle
     Tubaria furfuracea (Pers. : Fr.) Gillet
     Tubaria fuscifolia Murrill
     Tubaria luteoalba Longyear
     Tubaria praecox Murrill
     Tubaria subcrenulata Murrill

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