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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Ascarina diffusa A. C. Sm.
     Ascarina lanceolata var. smithii Swamy
     Ascarina philippinensis C. B. Rob.
     Ascarina swamyana A. C. Sm.
     Chloranthus angustifolius Oliv.
     Chloranthus glaber (Thunb.) Makino
     Chloranthus henryi Hemsl.
     Chloranthus inconspicuus Sw.
     Chloranthus japonicus Siebold
     Hedyosmum acutifolium Cordem.
     Hedyosmum angustifolium (Ruiz & Pav.) Solms
     Hedyosmum anisodorum Todzia
     Hedyosmum arborescens Sw.
     Hedyosmum bonplandianum Humb., Bonpl. & Kunth
     Hedyosmum brasiliense Miq.
     Hedyosmum brenesii Standl.
     Hedyosmum crasssifolium Cuatrec.
     Hedyosmum domingense Urb.
     Hedyosmum flocculosum Diels
     Hedyosmum granizo Cuatrec.
     Hedyosmum intermedium Todzia
     Hedyosmum neblinae Todzia
     Hedyosmum peruvianum Todzia
     Hedyosmum pseudoandromeda Solms
     Hedyosmum pungens Todzia
     Hedyosmum purpurescens Todzia
     Hedyosmum racemosum (Ruiz & Pav.) Don
     Hedyosmum scaberrimum Standl.
     Hedyosmum spectabile Todzia
     Hedyosmum sprucei Solms
     Hedyosmum strigosum Todzia
     Hedyosmum subintegrum Urb.
     Hedyosmum tepuiense Todzia
     Sarcandra ponmudii
     Taffallaea maxima Kuntze

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