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A cultured sample of Mycena leiana

Mycological Laboratories

The Garden mycology lab has a golden history bestowed by renowned mycologists such as B. O. Dodge, who characterized the life cycle and genetics of Neurospora. His work laid the foundation for the field of fungal genetics and firmly established Neuorospora as the primary model system. Alma W. Barksdale conducted pioneering work with fungal hormones and obtained in pure form antheridiol, a steroid sex hormone similar to those of many higher organisms, including humans. Today’s work focuses on systematics, molecular biodiversity, and life history studies.


Molecular and morphological approaches can be used to understand the evolutionary relationships of fungi. An invaluable resource is provided by the fungal collections of the William and Lynda Steere Herbarium, the second largest in the Western Hemisphere, consisting of approximately 500,000 specimens. The geographical strength of the mycological herbarium lies in collections from the Americas, both historical and contemporary.

Associated Researchers

Roy Halling

Rosalind Lowen

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