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Library Staff

Position Name E-Mail Address
Collection Development Librarian Donald Wheeler
Director Susan Fraser
Secretary Linda DeVito
Head of Archives Stephen Sinon
Conservation Librarian/Conservator Olga Marder
Assistant Conservator  Kelsey Osborn
Information Services    
Head, Information Services Stephen Sinon
Senior Reference Librarian Stephen Sinon
Reference/Circulation Librarian Marie Long
Plant Information Specialist Dorrie Rosen
Plant Information Specialist Anita Finkle-Guerrero
Interlibrary Loan Assistant Rose Meade
Collection Maintenance Associate Luis Serrano
Technical Services    
Head Cataloging Services Gordon McDaniel
Senior Cataloger Harry Chapman
Catalog Librarian Eun Hee Cho
Cataloger Suzanne Chang
Library Serials Associate Illuminada Segura

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