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Appeal for the Annotation of Type Specimens

Type specimens are the most valuable elements of any herbarium and are usually given extra care and protection.

Taxonomists usually borrow all available specimens of their group and are familiar with the pertinent literature.They are, therefore, best qualified to verify types, especially old ones that lack complete collection data.

Please use the labels supplied with your loan to annotate all NY type specimens, giving the BASIONYM and a complete literature citation,as shown in the sample below. These labels should be signed and dated. You should also annotate each specimen with the currently accepted name (if different from the basionym).

Further, if you discover non-types erroneously marked as types, please attach labels designating them as non-types.  Specimens so annotated will serve both as a record of your study and as a reference for future workers.

If there is more than one specimen on a sheet, please attach the annotation to the specimen packet itself, or if multiple specimens are glued directly to one sheet, indicate with a pencilled note to which specimen the annotation belongs. Annotation labels for specimens in boxes should be placed inside the box (folded, if necessary).

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