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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Isoetes amazonica A. Braun
     Isoetes bolanderi Engelm.
     Isoetes bolanderi Engelm. var. parryi Engelm.
     Isoetes cubana Engelm.
     Isoetes dodgei A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes echinospora var. flettii A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes engelmannii A. Braun
     Isoetes fairbrothersii J. D. Montgomery & W. C. Taylor
     Isoetes foveolata A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes granulata Engelm.
     Isoetes hieroglyphica Eastw.
     Isoetes howellii Engelm.
     Isoetes lechleri Mett.
     Isoetes lithophila N. Pfeiff.
     Isoetes macounii A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes maritima Underw.
     Isoetes melanopoda J. Gay var. californica A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes melanospora Engelm.
     Isoetes mexicana Underw.
     Isoetes microvela D. F. Brunton
     Isoetes montezumae A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes orcutt A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes ovata N. Pfeiff.
     Isoetes palmeri H. P. Fuchs
     Isoetes panamensis Maxon & C. V. Morton
     Isoetes piperi A. A. Eaton
     Isoetes pringlei Underw.
     Isoetes storkii T. C. Palmer
     Isoetes tegetiformans Rury
     Isoetes tuerckheimii Brause
     Isoetes eatonii
     Isoetes eatonii R. Dodge

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