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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Alboleptonia flavifolia (Baroni) Lodge
     Alboleptonia largentii T. J. Baroni & Lodge
     Alboleptonia stylophora (Berk. & Broome) Pegler
     Alboleptonia sulcata T. J. Baroni & Lodge
     Claudopus avellaneus Murrill
     Claudopus byssisedus (Pers. : Fr.) Gillet
     Claudopus cyaneus Murrill
     Claudopus depluens (Batsch) Fr.
     Claudopus mephiticus Murrill
     Claudopus subdepluens Fitzp.
     Claudopus subnidulans Overh.
     Clitopilus davisii Peck
     Clitopilus griseobrunneus T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Clitopilus irregularis Peck
     Clitopilus leptonia Peck
     Clitopilus prunulus (Scop. : Fr.) P. Kumm.
     Clitopilus roseiavellaneus (Murrill) Murrill
     Clitopilus sphaerosporus Peck
     Clitopilus subplanus Peck
     Clitopilus underwoodii Peck
     Clitopilus washingtoniensis Braendle
     Eccilia angustifolia Murrill
     Eccilia californica Murrill
     Eccilia cubensis Murrill
     Eccilia earlei Murrill
     Eccilia fuliginosa Murrill
     Eccilia jamaicensis Murrill
     Eccilia mexicana Murrill
     Eccilia parvula Murrill
     Eccilia pungens Murrill
     Eccilia tenuipes Murrill
     Eccilia yatesii Murrill
     Entoloma abortivum (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Donk
     Entoloma adirondackense Murrill
     Entoloma albidum Murrill
     Entoloma alcalinum Murrill
     Entoloma alutaceum Murrill
     Entoloma angustifolium Murrill
     Entoloma atribrunneum Murrill
     Entoloma avellaneum Murrill
     Entoloma bicolor Murrill
     Entoloma brevipes Murrill
     Entoloma burlinghamiae Murrill
     Entoloma clypeatum (L. : Fr.) Quél.
     Entoloma cokeri Murrill
     Entoloma commune Murrill
     Entoloma deminutivum Peck
     Entoloma earlei Murrill
     Entoloma ferruginans Peck
     Entoloma fibrillosum Murrill
     Entoloma floridanum Murrill
     Entoloma fragile Murrill
     Entoloma fuliginosum Murrill
     Entoloma fumosialbum Murrill
     Entoloma fumosonigrum Peck
     Entoloma giganteum Murrill
     Entoloma grande Peck
     Entoloma griseum Peck
     Entoloma inocybiforme Murrill
     Entoloma melleicolor Murrill
     Entoloma melleidiscum Murrill
     Entoloma minus Peck
     Entoloma mirabile Peck
     Entoloma modestum Peck
     Entoloma murinum Peck
     Entoloma pallidibrunneum Murrill
     Entoloma pallidum Murrill
     Entoloma parvulum Murrill
     Entoloma peckianum Burt in Peck
     Entoloma plumbeum Earle
     Entoloma pluteiforme Murrill
     Entoloma pubescens Murrill
     Entoloma rubribrunneum Murrill
     Entoloma subalbidum Murrill
     Entoloma subcommune Murrill
     Entoloma subjubatum Murrill
     Entoloma subsericellum Murrill
     Entoloma subsinuatum Murrill
     Entoloma subtruncatum Peck
     Entoloma tenuipes
     Entoloma tortipes Murrill
     Entoloma variabile Peck
     Entoloma washingtonense Murrill
     Entoloma whiteae Murrill
     Inocephalus murraii (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Rutter & Watling
     Leptonia davisiana Peck
     Leptonia edulis Peck
     Leptonia flavobrunnea Peck
     Leptonia gracilipes Peck
     Leptonia incana (Fr. : Fr.) Gillet
     Leptonia serrulata (Fr.) Kumm.
     Leptonia subnigra (Murrill) Murrill
     Leptonia transformata Peck
     Leptoniella acericola Murrill
     Leptoniella alabamensis Murrill
     Leptoniella albida Murrill
     Leptoniella atrosquamosa Murrill
     Leptoniella cinchonensis Murrill
     Leptoniella conica Murrill
     Leptoniella earlei Murrill 1911 [non Leptoniella earlei Murrill 1917]
     Leptoniella earlei Murrill 1917 [non Leptoniella earlei Murrill 1911]
     Leptoniella floridana Murrill
     Leptoniella fuliginosa Murrill
     Leptoniella glabra Murrill
     Leptoniella mexicana Murrill
     Leptoniella murina Murrill
     Leptoniella nigra Murrill
     Leptoniella occidentalis Murrill
     Leptoniella rosiebrunnea Murrill
     Leptoniella semiglobata Murrill
     Leptoniella subnigra Murrill, ,
     Leptoniella subplacida Murrill
     Leptoniella umbilicata Murrill
     Leptoniella whiteae Murrill
     Nolanea avellanea Murrill
     Nolanea cubensis Murrill
     Nolanea earlei Murrill
     Nolanea fibrillosipes Murrill
     Nolanea gracilipes Murrill
     Nolanea isabellina Murrill
     Nolanea jamaicensis Murrill
     Nolanea multiformis Peck
     Nolanea murrai (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Dennis
     Nolanea murraii (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) Dennis
     Nolanea murraii Berk. & M. A. Curtis
     Nolanea occidentalis Murrill
     Nolanea olivacea Murrill
     Nolanea parvipapillata Murrill
     Nolanea parvula Murrill
     Nolanea quadrata Berk. & M. A. Curtis
     Nolanea sericea (Bull. : Fr.) P. D. Orton
     Nolanea suaveolens Peck
     Nolanea subavellanea Murrill
     Nolanea subpicea Murrill
     Nolanea substaurospora Murrill
     Pouzarella squamifolia (Murrill) Mazzer
     Pouzaromyces napaliensis Desjardin & T. J. Baroni
     Rhodocybe crystallina T. J. Baroni
     Rhodocybe densifolia T. J. Baroni & Ovrebo
     Rhodocybe eccentrica T. J. Baroni & Ovrebo
     Rhodocybe griseola T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Rhodocybe hygrophoroides T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Rhodocybe incarnata T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Rhodocybe mairei T. J. Baroni
     Rhodocybe mellea T. J. Baroni & Ovrebo
     Rhodocybe priscua T. J. Baroni
     Rhodocybe pulchrisperma T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Rhodocybe umbrosa T. J. Baroni & Halling
     Rhodocybella rhododendri T. J. Baroni & R. H. Petersen
     Rhodophyllus pumanquensis Singer

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