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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Agrocybe acericola (Peck) Singer
     Agrocybe aegerita Fr.
     Agrocybe amara (Murrill) Singer
     Agrocybe dura (Fr.) Singer
     Agrocybe earlei (Murrill) Dennis ex Singer
     Agrocybe erebia (Fr.) Kühner
     Agrocybe lazoi Singer
     Agrocybe occidentalis Watling & H. E. Bigelow
     Agrocybe pediades (Pers. : Fr.) Fayod
     Agrocybe praecox (Pers. : Fr.) Fayod
     Agrocybe semiorbicularis (Bull. : Fr.) Fayod
     Agrocybe semiorbicularis (Bull. : St.-Amans) Fayod
     Agrocybe smithii Watling & H. E. Bigelow
     Agrocybe vervacti (Fr.) Romagn.
     Agrocybe viscosa Singer
     Bolbitius marginatipes Zeller
     Bolbitius tener Berk.
     Bolbitius vitellinus (Pers. : Fr.) Fr.
     Campanularius anomalus Murrill
     Campanularius pumilus Murrill
     Campanularius semiglobatus Murrill
     Conocybe echinospora Murrill
     Conocybe lactea Lange
     Conocybe marginta Watling & H. E. Bigelow
     Conocybe tenera (Schaeff. : Fr.) Fayod
     Galeropsis liberata (Kalchbr.) R. Heim
     Gymnoglossum stipitatum Massee
     Hebeloma aeruginosum Murrill
     Hebeloma alabamense Murrill
     Hebeloma anthracophilum Maire
     Hebeloma appendiculatum Murrill
     Hebeloma bakeri Earle
     Hebeloma broadwayi Murrill
     Hebeloma brunneomaculatum A. H. Sm., V. S. Evenson & Mitchel
     Hebeloma californicum Murrill
     Hebeloma alachuanum Murrill
     Hebeloma cinchonense Murrill
     Hebeloma colvinii var. velatum Peck
     Hebeloma cremeum Murrill
     Hebeloma crustuliniforme (St.-Amans) Quél.
     Hebeloma crustuliniforme var. brevipes
     Hebeloma cubense Murrill
     Hebeloma dryophilum Murrill
     Hebeloma earlei Murrill
     Hebeloma exiguifolium Murrill
     Hebeloma farinaceum Murrill
     Hebeloma fastibile (Pers. : Fr.) P. Kumm.
     Hebeloma flexuosipes Peck
     Hebeloma floridanum Murrill
     Hebeloma gregariiforme Murrill
     Hebeloma gregarium Peck
     Hebeloma harperi Murrill
     Hebeloma juneauense A. H. Sm., V. S. Evenson & Mitchel
     Hebeloma kalmicola Murrill
     Hebeloma lateritium Murrill
     Hebeloma luteum Murrill
     Hebeloma mesophaeum (Pers.) Quél.
     Hebeloma paludicola Murrill
     Hebeloma palustre Peck
     Hebeloma pascuense Peck
     Hebeloma praecox Murrill
     Hebeloma sericipes Earle
     Hebeloma sinapizans (Paulet : Fr.) Sacc.
     Hebeloma sporacicum A. H. Sm.
     Hebeloma subfastibile Murrill
     Hebeloma subincarnatum Murrill
     Hebeloma subtestaceum Murrill
     Hebeloma tottenii Murrill
     Hebeloma weberi Murrill
     Naucoria alniphila Zeller
     Naucoria amara Murrill
     Naucoria badia Murrill
     Naucoria brunneimarginata Murrill
     Naucoria caespitosa Murrill
     Naucoria californica Murrill
     Naucoria collybiiformis Murrill
     Naucoria coloradoensis Tracy & Earle
     Naucoria corticola Murrill
     Naucoria cyathicola Murrill
     Naucoria earlei Murrill
     Naucoria fiorii D. Sacc.
     Naucoria firma Peck
     Naucoria flava Bres.
     Naucoria harperi Murrill
     Naucoria hepaticicola Murrill
     Naucoria humidicola Murrill
     Naucoria jalapensis Murrill
     Naucoria lateritia Murrill
     Naucoria mammillata Murrill
     Naucoria medullosa Bres.
     Naucoria mexicana Murrill
     Naucoria montana Murrill
     Naucoria oregonensis Zeller
     Naucoria pascuensis Murrill
     Naucoria pattersonae Murrill
     Naucoria pellucida Murrill
     Naucoria platysperma Peck
     Naucoria pubescens Murrill
     Naucoria radicata Murrill
     Naucoria sacchari Murrill
     Naucoria scirpicola Peck
     Naucoria serrulata Murrill
     Naucoria solidipes Earle ined.
     Naucoria sphagnophila Peck
     Naucoria sphagnorum Murrill
     Naucoria spinulifer Murrill
     Naucoria suavis Bres.
     Naucoria subamara Murrill
     Naucoria subpediades Murrill
     Naucoria subvelosa Murrill
     Naucoria tubariiformis Murrill
     Naucoria umbriniceps Murrill
     Naucoria underwoodii Murrill
     Naucoria velutina Murrill
     Naucoria washingtonensis Murrill
     Naucoria xuchilensis Murrill
     Panaeolus acidus Sumst.
     Panaeolus antillarum (Fr.) Dennis
     Panaeolus campanulatus (L. : Fr.) Quél.
     Panaeolus digressus Peck
     Panaeolus guttulatus Bres.
     Panaeolus intermedius Peck
     Panaeolus papilionaceus (Bull. : Fr.) Quél.
     Panaeolus reticulatus Overh.
     Panaeolus rufus Overh.
     Panaeolus semiovatus (Fr.) S. Lundell
     Panaeolus solidipes (Peck) Sacc.
     Panaeolus sphinctrinus (Fr.) Quél.
     Panaeolus variabilis Overh.
     Panaeolus venenosus Murrill
     Pholiotina musae Earle
     Pluteolus brunneus Murrill
     Pluteolus californicus McClatchie
     Pluteolus coprophilus Peck
     Pluteolus cremeus Murrill
     Pluteolus flavellus Murrill
     Pluteolus jamaicensis Murrill
     Pluteolus luteus Peck
     Pluteolus parvulus Murrill
     Pluteolus stramineus Murrill
     Pluteolus tropicalis Murrill

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