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Information Included in the
Catalog of Costa Rican Fungi

  • Currently accepted name
  • Name of determiner, date of determiner & institutional affiliation
  • Notes about the name applied to this specimen
  • Locality information
  • Collector name, number & date
  • Notes about locality information
  • Habitat, vegetation, substrate, frequency, reproductive state, plant description
  • Notes about the habitat or plant description
  • Herbarium, record number
  • Exsiccati title, number
  • Name of the herbarium or individual from which the specimen was obtained
  • Notes about the physical condition of the specimen or the source of the specimen
  • Basionym
  • Kind of type (herbarium acronym)
  • Family
  • Record number
  • Literature citation
  • Collector name, number & date
  • Locality information
  • Reproductive state
  • Notes
  • Name of verifier of type

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