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Columbia 1905-1910 Abrams, Le Roy (PhD) USA Phytogeography of southern California
CUNY 1983-1989 Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro (PhD) Puerto Rico Serjania section Platycoccus (Sapindaceae) systematics
Columbia 1966-1968 Achuff, Peter (MA) USA no record
Columbia 1914-1918 Adams, James Fowler (PhD) USA Developmental biology of conifer rusts
CUNY 1967-1972 Agostini, Getulio (PhD) Venezuela Cybianthus section Conomorpha (Myrsinaceae)
Columbia 1943-1948 Ajello, Libero (PhD) USA Cytology and nutrition of Polychytrium aggregatum
CUNY 1992-1999 Alexiades, Miguel France Ethnobotany of the Ese eja of Bolivia
Columbia 1912-1916 Altenburg, Edgar (PhD) USA Linkage in Primula sinensis
Columbia 1906-1908 Anderson, Mary Perle (MA) USA Ferns of Japan
Columbia 1957-1960 Andrews, Lucia M. (MA) USA Bronxville gardens
CUNY    1989-1995 Arbelaez, Alba (MS) Colombia Ferns of Colombia
CUNY    1994-2002 Areces-Mallea, Alberto (PhD) Cuba Leptocereus: a monographic revision
Columbia 1952-1954 Aristeguieta, Leandro (MA) Venezuela Ornamental trees of Venezuela
Columbia 1931-1934 Aronescu, Alicia (PhD) Rumania Spore germination in Diplocarpon
CUNY 1978-1983 Atehortúa, Luciá (PhD) Colombia Elaphoglossum spodum complex (Elaphoglossaceae)
Columbia 1921-1926 Ballard Charles William (PhD) USA Structural variations in Erythroxylon leaves
CUNY 1978-1982 Balslev, Henrik (PhD) Denmark A systematic monograph of the neotropical Juncaceae
Columbia 1899-1900 Banta-Columba, May (MA) USA Secondary teaching
Columbia 1957-1960 Barkley, Theodore Mitchell (PhD) USA A revision of Senecio aureus and allied species
Columbia 1909-1910 Barrett, Mary Franklin (MA) USA Taxonomy of fungi
Columbia 1928-1932 Barrows, Florence L. (PhD) USA Propagation of Lycopodium spores 
CUNY 1985-1991 Beck, Hans T. (PhD) USA Taxonomy and economic botany of Paullinia
CUNY 1971-1977 Becker, Kenneth (PhD) USA Comparison of Angiosperm classification systems
Columbia 1908-1911 Benedict, Ralph Curtis (PhD) USA Pteridophyte taxonomy, especially Nephrolepis
CUNY 1992-1998 Berkov, Amy (PhD) USA Neotropical cerambycid beetles & their 
Lecythidaceae hosts
Columbia 1946-1947 Birdsey, Monroe R. (MA) USA The cultivated aroids
NYU 1993-2000 Birnbaum, Kenneth USA Tropical farm management of avocados
Columbia 1951-1952 Bjornsen, Ida (MA) Denmark no record
Columbia 1949-1953 Bogin, Clifford (PhD) USA Revision of the genus Sagittaria (Alismataceae)
Columbia 1928-1931 Bonisteel, William J. (PhD) USA Plant breeding
CUNY 1980-1983 Boom, Brian M. (PhD) USA Systematics of Isertieae (Rubiaceae)
Columbia 1926-1930 Bowers, Clement G. (PhD) USA Rhododendron taxonomy
Columbia 1902-1904 Brackett, Mary Morrell (MA) USA Plant morphology and physiology
CUNY 1982-1987 Brako, Lois (PhD) USA The lichen genus Phyllopsora (Bacidiaceae) 
Columbia 1906-1908 Brandenburg, Ellen Klapp (MA) USA Botany, mycology
Columbia 1911-1912 Bristol, Warren E. (MA) USA A key to the starches of the drug plants
Columbia 1902-1903 Broadhurst, Jean (MA) USA Morphology
Columbia 1952-1958 Bunting, George (PhD) USA A revision of the genus Spathiphyllum (Araceae)
Columbia 1905-1908 Burlingham, Gertrude Simmons (PhD) USA Taxonomy of Agaricaceae; plant physiology
Columbia 1912-1913 Burr, Freeman Foster (MA) USA Geology, general botany
CUNY 1982-1986 Callejas, Ricardo (PhD) Colombia Revision of Piper subgenus Ottonia (Piperaceae)
Columbia 1961-1966 Canham, Susan (Carey) (PhD) USA Taxonomy and morphology of Hypocrea citrina
Columbia 1899-1905 Cardiff, Ira Dietrich (PhD) USA Karyokinesis (morphology, cytology)
CUNY 1976-1980 Carpenter, Steven E. (PhD) USA Revision of Crocicreas (Discomycetes, Helotiales)
Columbia 1964-1966 Carroll, Eileen (Schofield) (MA) USA Petiole anatomy of the Guttiferae and related families
Columbia 1937-1940 Chandler, Florence Clyde (PhD) USA Microsporogenesis of Hemerocallis fulva
CUNY 1992-2003 Chavez, Flor (PhD) Peru Morphology and anatomy of germination and seedlings in palms
CUNY 1984-1988 Churchill, Steven P. (PhD) USA Revision of Lepidopilum (Callicostaceae)
Columbia 1905-1910 Clark, Ernest Dunbar (PhD) USA The plant oxidases
Columbia 1903-1904 Clark, Anna May (MA) USA Biology, botany, and nature study
CUNY 1981-1984 Clemants, Steven Earl (PhD) USA Revision of the genus Befaria (Ericaceae)
Columbia 1916-1917 Coker, Dorothy (MA)  USA Revision of Encalypta
CUNY 1987-1999 Colella, Miriam (PhD) Venezuela Systematic placement of the Rapateaceae
CUNY 1976-1979 Coradin, Lidio (MA) Brazil A chemotaxonomic study of Parinari
Columbia 1929-1936 Core, Earl S. (PhD) USA Flora of the Erie Islands
CUNY 1994-2002 Cortes, Rocio (PhD) Colombia Systematics and anatomy of Retiniphyllum
NYU 1994-2002 Costello, Annemarie (PhD) USA Molecular and morphological systematics of the Tetraplasandra group (Araliaceae) and the development of the superior ovary in Tetraplasandra
Columbia 1923-1925 Cover, Louise (MA) USA Plant breeding and propagation
Columbia 1948-1952 Cowan, Richard S. (PhD) USA Revision of the genus Macrolobium (Leguminosae)
CUNY 1979-1987 Daly, Douglas C. (PhD) USA Taxonomic revision of Protium 
Columbia 1905-1908 Darling, Chester Arthur (PhD) USA Cytology; plant physiology
Columbia 1915-1916 Darrow, Isabelle C. (MA) USA Genetics, cytology
Columbia 1924-1925 Degener, Otto (MA) Germany Ferns and flowering plants of Hawaii 
CUNY 1975-1981 Delendick, Thomas Joseph (PhD) USA A systematic review of the Aceraceae
Columbia 1908-1912 Dodge, Bernard Ogilvie (PhD) USA Morphology and taxonomy of Ascobolaceae
Columbia 1967-1971 Doyle, Anna Frances (PhD) Ireland Chemosystematics of Nectria (Ascomycetes,
Columbia 1902-1903 Dufour, Alice (MA) USA Sociology, botany
Fordham 1938-1941 Dwyer, John Duncan (PhD) USA American species of the Luxemburgieae (Ochnaceae)
Columbia 1899-1900 Eaton, Elon Howard (MS) USA Botany, ecology, and forestry
Columbia 1954-1955 Ehrle, Elwood B. (MA) USA The bryoflora of the Genesee County, New York
Columbia 1951-1958 Eiten, George (PhD) USA Regional variation of Oxalis section Corniculatae
CUNY 1978-1983 Ertter, Barbara (PhD) USA Juncus triformis complex (Juncaceae)
CUNY 1968-1974 Fay, John J. (PhD) USA Revision of Perymenium (Asteraceae-Heliantheae) 
CUNY 1997-2001 Ferreira Evandro (PhD) Brazil Phylogenetic study of Bactris based on anatomy
Columbia 1919-1921 Findlay, Hugh (MA) Scotland no record
CUNY 1966-1972 Forero, Enrique (PhD) Colombia Connaraceae and Fabaceae systematics
CUNY 1985-1990 Frame, Dawn (PhD) USA A revision of Schoenocaulon (Liliaceae - Melanthieae)
CUNY 1987-1993 Franco, Ana Esperanza (PhD) Colombia The genus Lepiota in Colombia
Columbia 1909-1913 Fraser, Allen Cameron (PhD USA Avena genetics
Columbia 1910-1913 Fromme, Fred Denton (PhD) USA Uredineae morphology and cytology
Columbia 1929-1935 Fulling, Edmund H. (PhD) USA Gymnosperm systematics
Columbia 1902-1903 Gaines, Elizabeth Venable (MA) USA Sanitary biology
CUNY 1973-1977 Garciá, Cristina (Kirkbride) (MA) Colombia Review of the Neotropical Isertia (Rubiaceae)
CUNY 1992-1998 Garrison, Judy (PhD) USA A monograph of the fern genus
Columbia 1966-1970 Gentry, Johnnie Lee (PhD) USA Revision of Hackelia (Boraginaceae)
Columbia 1905-1906 Gleason, Henry Allan (PhD) USA Trillium systematics
Columbia 1926-1928 Godlatte, Amelia R. (PhD) USA Botany of North America
CUNY 1996-2001 Gomez-Beloz, Alfredo (PhD) USA The ethnobotany of the Warao of Venezuela
CUNY 1994-1998 Gonzalez, Favio (PhD) Colombia Neotropical Aristolochiaceae
Columbia 1899-1905 Gordon, Clarence E. (PhD) USA Zoology, geology, paleobotany
Columbia 1915-1916 Graff, Paul W. (MA) USA Anatomy of Erythronium americanum
Columbia 1964-1968 Grear, John W. (PhD) USA Revision of Eriosema (Leguminosae)
Columbia 1899-1900 Griffiths, David (PhD) USA Taxonomy of Bouteloua and related grama grasses
Yale 1994- Griscom, Bronsom USA The role of aborescent bamboo (Guadua weberbaueri Pilger) in forest stand dynamics of southwestern Amazonia
Columbia 1902-1903 Grout, Leon Everett (MS) USA Agriculture
Columbia 1899-1905 Gruenberg, Benjamin (PhD) USA Plant evolution; physiology of nutrition
Columbia 1901-1902 Hanks, Lenda Tracy (MA) USA High school biology 
Columbia 1938-1943 Hanson, Anne M. (PhD) USA Developmental and cytological study of Chytridineae
Cornell    1995-2001 Hardy, Christopher Ross (PhD) USA Systematics of Cochliostema, Geogenanthus, and an undescribed genus in the (spiderwort family) 
Columbia 1907-1911 Hare, Raleigh Frederick (PhD) USA Carbohydrates of the prickly pear and its fruits

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