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Catalog of Vascular Plant Species
of Eastern Brazil

This Catalogue contains information from more than 118,000 specimens housed in The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium that represent vascular plant species occurring in Eastern Brazil. For each species that occurs also beyond the boundaries of eastern Brazil, the Catalogue contains information from specimens chosen to represent the general limits of the species' geographical range in Latin America.

For this catalogue, "Eastern Brazil" is defined as the states on the Brazilian coast from Rio Grande do Norte to Rio Grande do Sul--states that represent the extent of Brazil's Atlantic coastal rain forest. The information in this catalogue is intended provide a means to assess the diversity and endemism of the flora in this region.

Specimen records can be obtained by selecting from the checklist of families or by searching the database directly. Making a selection from the family checklist will return a list of genera and species in that family. Selecting a genus or species name will return a list of specimen records, for each of which additional information can be obtained by clicking the box to the right of the listed record. Searching the database directly will return a similar list of specimen records.

The Catalogue is updated regularly with records of new specimens accessioned at the NYBG Herbarium and with any changes to records already in the Catalogue.

Our goal is to make this catalogue as useful as possible. If you have any suggestions or if you find errors in this catalogue, please take a moment to send your comments to the

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Search Tips

Searches in the Virtual Herbarium are by default word-based. The fastest searches are made by using whole words as the criteria. Wildcard characters can be used to find partial words, but search times will be significantly longer.

Use an asterisk (*) as a substitute for any number of characters in a word. (Example: "Rio*" in the Province/State field will return specimen records from "Rio Grande do Norte," "Rio Grande do Sul," "Rio de Janeiro," etc.)

Use an exclamation mark before a word to specifically exclude that word from the search. (Example: "Virola" in the Genus field and "!glaziovii" in the Species field will return all records of Virola except Virola glaziovii.)

Use quotation marks to search for exact phrases. Words not enclosed by quotation marks will be used to return records with all of the words, but not necessarily in the order typed.

*The Scientific Name field searches the genus, species, infraspecies, and author abbreviations of a name.
Example 1: the search term "brevifolium" finds specimens of Panicum brevifolium, Linum brevifolium, etc.
Example 2: the term "Stafleu" finds specimen records of numerous taxa described by Frans A. Stafleu.

Author abbreviations can be found using Harvard University Herbaria's Index of Botanists.

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