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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Darlingtonia californica Torr.
     Heliamphora heterodoxa Steyerm. var. exappendiculata Maguire
     Heliamphora heterodoxa Steyerm. var. glabra Maguire
     Heliamphora heterodoxa Steyerm. var. heterodoxa
     Heliamphora ionasi Maguire
     Heliamphora macdonaldae Gleason
     Heliamphora minor Gleason
     Heliamphora minor Gleason fm. laevis Steyerm.
     Heliamphora neblinae Maguire var. neblinae
     Heliamphora neblinae Maguire var. parva Maguire
     Heliamphora neblinae Maguire var. viridis Maguire
     Heliamphora tatei Gleason
     Heliamphora tatei Gleason var. neblinae (Maguire) Steyerm.
     Heliamphora tatei Gleason var. tatei
     Heliamphora tyler Gleason
     Heliamphora tyleri Gleason
     Sarracenia drummondii Croom
     Sarracenia flava L.
     Sarracenia minor Walter
     Sarracenia oreophila (Kearney) Wherry
     Sarracenia purpurea L.
     Sarracenia rosea Naczi, Case & R. B. Case
     Sarracenia formosa Veitch ex Mast.

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