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The following checklist represents the determinations that have been applied to databased specimens in the Steere Herbarium of The New York Botanical Garden.

     Froesia diffusa Gereau & Rodolfo Vásquez
     Froesia venezuelensis Steyerm. & G. S. Bunting
     Lacunaria coriacea A. C. Sm.
     Lacunaria crenata (Tul.) A. C. Sm.
     Lacunaria crenata (Tul.) A. DC.
     Lacunaria decastyla (Radlk.) Ducke
     Lacunaria decastyla Ducke
     Lacunaria grandiflora Ducke
     Lacunaria jenmani (Oliv.) Ducke
     Lacunaria jenmanii (Oliv.) Ducke
     Lacunaria macrostachya (Tul.) A. C. Sm.
     Lacunaria minor Ducke
     Lacunaria pauciflora Ducke
     Quiina albiflora A. C. Sm.
     Quiina amazonica A. C. Sm.
     Quiina blackii Pires
     Quiina brevensis Pires
     Quiina florida (Poepp.) Tul.
     Quiina congesta R. S. Cowan
     Quiina duckei Pires
     Quiina glaziovii Engl.
     Quiina gracilis A. C. Sm.
     Quiina grandifolia Mildbr.
     Quiina guaporensis Pires
     Quiina guianensis Aubl.
     Quiina indigofera Sandwith
     Quiina jamaicensis Griseb.
     Quiina klugii J. F. Macbr.
     Quiina longifolia Spruce
     Quiina macrophylla Tul.
     Quiina maguirei Pires
     Quiina negrensis A. C. Sm.
     Quiina nitens J. F. Macbr.
     Quiina obovata Tul.
     Quiina oiapocensis Pires
     Quiina panamensis Standl.
     Quiina rhytidopus Tul.
     Quiina rigidifolia Pires
     Quiina schippii Standl.
     Quiina sessilis Choisy
     Quiina sp.
     Quiina spruceana Engl.
     Quiina ternatiflora C. Wright ex Sauvalle
     Quiina tinifolia Planch. & Triana
     Quiina wurdackii Pires
     Touroulia amazonica Pires & R. C. Foster
     Touroulia guianensis Aubl.
     Touroulia jenmani Oliv.

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