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The sharply declining number of systematic biologists - scientists who are trained to identify and classify living things - has been called a “biodiversity crisis” second only to the rapid extinction of species. In response to this crisis, the Garden is training the plant researchers of the future, who will help establish the scientific basis for ecological conservation and develop methods for sustainable plant utilization that benefit people while protecting the environment.

The cornerstone of this effort, the Graduate Studies Program has been training Ph.D. candidates since 1896. Students learn in the classroom, the lab, and the field. The Garden is one of only a handful of research institutions worldwide positioned to train scientists in both systematic and economic botany. Currently, more than 40 students are enrolled in the program, which is conducted in conjunction with 5 universities: Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, the City University of New York, and Yale University. Each student is enrolled jointly at a university and the Garden, and is advised by one of the Garden’s leading scientists. Graduates have gone on to hold high-level scientific and administrative positions at other important universities and research organizations around the world.

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